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Is Negative Equity Stopping You From Moving House?

  • Is Negative Equity Stopping You From Moving House?

    Negative Equity UK: We love spring. And while it might not have well and truly sprung, the fact that its Easter is something to get excited about.

    As the green shoots appear, everyone's hitting the garden centres and DIY stores, getting their gardens in shape and giving their homes a fresh lick of paint. Here at Negative Equity UK HQ, we've been doing the same our new offices are feeling more and more like, well, home!

    This is also traditionally the time of year when people start to think about moving estate agents get more enquiries and for sale boards sprout up across the country.

    But what happens if you cant move? What happens if you're stuck because you owe more on your house than what its worth? And so if you sell you still owe the mortgage company a big chunk of money?

    What happens if you NEED to move because your family or life or work has changed???

    We have the answer: talk to us.

    Say for example you have a mortgage of £100,000 and today your house is worth £50,000.

    If you sold up, you could repay £50,000 from the sale and still owe £50,000.

    Because we have the expertise, systems, people and processes in place, we can get as much of that £50,000 written off as possible and our fee is a fraction of that amount.

    There are no charges upfront and we only take a fee if we are successful.

    We are authorised and regulated, we work with national and local lenders, and we stake our reputation on giving our clients the best service possible.

    We're so confident we can help, we've made your first consultation FREE.

    So, there really only is one question: whats stopping you from making the leap?

    “In life, we often experience unexpected financial setbacks and it can be a real struggle to find your feet again. Your mortgage may start to suffer and finding repayments is a real struggle. In the meantime you are accruing arrears and getting into more and more debt. If you are worried about losing your home because of negative equity, don't ignore the problem, do something about it.”

    “Is your property no longer suitable?
    Nothing beats the feeling of buying your first home together. A place to start a family and look towards the future. However, as your family grows, you may find your home becomes too small and you need to move. Like many others, you could find that your house is now worth less than when you paid for it.”

    “Interest Only and no way to repay?
    Are you one of the 10,000's of homeowners in the UK who were sold an Interest Only mortgages without any real prospect of paying this off? Burying your head in the sand and waiting for interest rates to rise will not fix the problem.”

    “Need to sell?
    Finding yourself in a situation where you have to sell your home, due to marriage breakdown or a property that is no longer suitable can be really tough. The market can be turbulent and you may find that your home is worth considerably less than when you first bought it. If you want to sell in a hurry then you may have to sell at a loss.”

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