London named WORST city for raising children, Newcastle-Upon-Hull best

London named WORST UK city for raising children, Newcastle-Upon-Hull the best.

  • London named WORST UK city for raising children, Newcastle-Upon-Hull the best.

    London named and shamed by MoneySuperMarket as the WORST UK city for raising children, Newcastle-Upon-Hull the best.

    Can it be true? Surely not!

    It’s hardly an honour, but the outcome of a wide-ranging survey has been going viral on social media, to both pleasure and derision.

    The data has been expansively assembled by experts on 35 UK cities, with the idea of discovering the best and worst cities to bring up children.

    The information that was collected included average house prices, amenities and green spaces available, school league tables and crime rates, along with average earnings per household to give extensive knowledge of what was considered good and not so good.

    Based on the information gained, the survey concluded these were the top ten worst cities for raising children;

    1st London

    2nd Newry

    3rd Armagh

    4th Leeds

    5th Bradford

    6th Sheffield

    7th Glasgow

    8th Kingston-Upon-Hull

    9th Brighton and Hove

    10th Birmingham

    If you are wondering what the top ten best cities were for bringing up children, they were as follows;

    1st Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

    2nd Derby

    3rd Wolverhampton

    4th Southampton

    5th Bath

    6th Nottingham

    7th Coventry

    8th York

    9th Oxford

    10th Portsmouth

    A spokeswoman from MoneySuperMarket said during an interview with The Telegraph: “The Family Living Index was created to guide parents – or soon to be parents – looking to futureproof their next move. As well as choosing where to raise their families, moving home is also a key life-stage decision, and is one of the most common moments for couples to take out life insurance to protect their family financially should anything.”

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