House worth less than the mortgage? We can help/

House worth less than the mortgage? We can help.

  • House worth less than the mortgage? We can help.

    When the credit crunch hit in 2007 and the economy went into recession, house prices collapsed in parts of the country losing much of their value.

    When this happened, homeowners who still owed money on their mortgage found the value of their home had fallen so far that the property was now less than the outstanding balance of the mortgage.

    This situation, where a borrower owes more on their mortgage than the market value of their home, is called negative equity.

    Why is negative equity a problem?

    Negative is a problem for homeowners because the sale of the house is not going to generate enough money to pay off the remainder of the loan, so they’ll have to cover this cost themselves.

    This is a particular problem if you are selling your home with the intention of buying another, as paying the remaining mortgage costs left after your first home has been sold will likely make it unaffordable for you to pay another deposit.

    How can we help?

    At Negative Equity UK, we offer a number of possible solutions to resolve your property debt problems, depending on your circumstances, but for many of our clients a sale and settlement is the only solution to their problem.

    We have successfully negotiated hundreds of cases every year where we have arranged the sale of our clients’ homes and reached an affordable debt settlement with the lender. In August alone we were able to write off a total of £1,358,569 in unaffordable mortgage debt.

    One of our recent clients, Margaret, had this to say after we settled her case; “Negative Equity UK were absolutely brilliant. We were stuck in a house we'd never have been able to repay in full. Ten months ago we owed £240,000 against a house worth £150,000.

    “Now the house is sold, we're paying back the settlement of £22,000 over five years and we can actually plan for the future, something we've been unable to do for the last few years. I only wish we'd contacted Negative Equity UK sooner.”

    Whatever your circumstances, the first step to dealing with your property debt is to contact Negative Equity UK for an initial free, no obligation consultation with one of our advisors.

    Take a look at our reviews and call us on 0161 631 2727 or go to our website and arrange for us to call you at a time that suits you.

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