Confidence in UK housing market reaches five year low.

Confidence in UK housing market reaches five year low.

  • Confidence in UK housing market reaches five year low.

    Confidence in the future performance of the UK housing market has reached a five year low.

    According to a survey of British adults carried out by the Halifax, one in five people now expects UK house prices to fall in the next 12 months, with confidence lowest amongst those living in London.

    The fall in confidence comes as a looming rise in the cost of borrowing as the Bank of England prepares to raise interest rates, with a rate rise predicted for as soon as November. Inflation is also rising, putting increasing pressure on household finances and impacting on housing affordability, with rail wages falling by 0.4% in the three months to August.

    According to the survey, a third of current mortgage holders are worried that a rise in interest rates will impact negatively on their ability to keep up with their monthly repayments.

    The decline in confidence in the housing market and the growing pressure on household finances will be worrying for homeowners currently struggling with negative equity or arrears. Inflation and any increase in the cost of borrowing could affect their own ability to keep up with their mortgage or pay off arrears, while selling their house to help deal with their debts could become harder if potential buyers put off purchasing a property.

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