Mis-Sold Mortgage Claim

Before we take your case forward we always complete a case review.

Many homeowners were advised to take expensive and subsequently unaffordable mortgages during the reckless lending period of 2004-2008. As a responsible firm we recognise that you may qualify for redress/compensation and ensure that this is looked into as part of our review process. Here we’ll ask you questions about the original mortgage advice you received/ We’ll also recall your mortgage file, review this and advise you on any mortgage mis-selling options.

There are a number of factors that can mean a mortgage may have been mis-sold including:

  • Interest only with no way to repay the full the balance
  • Other debts were added to the mortgage balance
  • Undisclosed fees (broker fees, PPI etc) were added to the mortgage balance

To be considered for qualification the mortgage must be:

  • Residential
  • Taken out after October 2004

If we believe your mortgage was mis-sold we will refer you to the appropriate partner to assist you in taking your case forward. The cost of doing so is 25%-35% of the reclaimed amount depending on the case type. You can also take a mis-selling case forward yourself and we are happy to give you an overview of how to do this during the case review.

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