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Can You Clear Your Interest Only Mortgage At The End Of The Term?

We achieved an average mortgage write off of 77% for our clients in 2018.

Our service is 100% confidential, regulated and authorised by the FCA.

Since 2013 we have achieved a successful write off for 96.6% of our clients.

We have secured debt write offs worth over £37 million for UK home owners.

Many of the 1.67 million homeowners with an interest-only mortgage could be at risk of losing their homes if they struggle to repay the balance at the end of their mortgage. As many as 1 in 5 mortgages are interest only and with this type of mortgage, you only pay the interest on the mortgage term and then repay the full amount borrowed when it matures. The difficulty for many is identifying the shortfall and addressing the problem.

Interest Only Mortgage

It’s a simple question but one often not easily answered. Are you currently paying an interest-only mortgage but have nothing in place to clear the capital borrowed at the end of the term?

| Are you really only paying an expensive “rent”?

Think about it, your mortgage payment will change (increase) with interest rate rises and as long as you can afford it, you can remain in your property. Then the term ends, what now? Start again? At 55, 60, 65 years old? Where do you move too? How do you fund your retirement while paying rent for the rest of your life? Is this “fair” or “reasonable”?

Our clients get expert advice, a detailed understanding of all of their options and the opportunity to avail of mortgage debt relief by being able to sell their property, settle the shortfall and move on.

| Is your interest only term running out?

We are helping 100’s of clients every year whose interest only mortgage is ending. In fact, we’ve helped a large number of clients whose mortgage term has already expired.

| What we can do for you

  • Term Extension – we have successfully negotiated term extensions for homeowners where the original mortgage term has expired or is expiring
  • Sale and Settlement – we successfully negotiate 100’s of cases every year where our clients’ property is sold and an affordable debt settlement is agreed
  • Mortgage Arrears Help – speak to us today to see how we have helped hundreds of clients all over the UK achieve mortgage write offs.

| Testimonials

Our team of property debt specialists offers a range of possible solutions based on your situation

Whatever your circumstances, the process starts with a case review. We will obtain all of the original documentation on your mortgage from your lender so we can assess your needs and work out the best way for us to help you

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