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Negative Equity UK is part of CD Fairfield Capital Group. We are property debt specialists and the only company of our type that is authorised and regulated by both the Financial Conduct Authority and Chartered Accountancy Regulatory Board.

As our client, you get to choose from the full range of available options specifically tailored to your individual requirements. Due to the nature of our regulation you are afforded the highest level of consumer protection. We wrap a suitable solution around our clients, we don't try to make our clients fit our solution and therein lies the difference.

If you have a property in negative equity and require expert property debt advice, we are your best option.

We (CD Fairfield Capital) are currently helping families deal with overworth of collective debt (April 2018)

Our average Debt Write Off in 2017 was per client with over closed cases

We are currently entrusted by over clients to deal with their property debt.

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97% of customers satisfied with our service (April 2018)

100% confidential, accredited & authorised

Non-Judgemental, supportive and professional staff

We have a debt write-off success rate of up to 96.6%

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  • 248 people a day are DECLARED insolvent or bankrupt in the UK. This is equivalent to one person every 6 minutes 13 seconds.

  • 52 mortgage possession claims and 32 mortgage possession orders are made every day.

  • 336 landlord possession claims and 268 landlord possession orders are made every day.

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